We Make It Unreasonable For eCommerce Brands Not To Add $50k MRR In Just 90 Days By Exploiting The Power Of TikTok Ads

Tailor-made Strategies

No one-size-fits-all solutions here. We make unique marketing plans to fill your brand's specific goals and vision.

Experienced Team

Our professionals guide you with data-driven insights and proven expertise in health & wellness marketing.

ROI-driven Results

We measure every action, optimize relentlessly, and deliver tangible results that impact your bottom line.

No more waiting to scale your business!

High CPA, low ROAS, and lackluster reporting seem to have become the new norm in the marketing world. Perhaps… because the market has become saturated with people thinking they can start leveraging paid media because they watched a couple Youtube videos and know how to hire a UGC creator on Fiverr.

But the truth is… it takes a lot more than that. The truth is… you’ve worked too hard to settle for that BS!

Understanding Your Audience & Brand

We get down to the nitty gritty of what makes your audience tick! Through in-depth analysis of data we personally collect, we create customer avatars that resemble your ideal customer.

Rigorous Creative Testing

We work directly with our team of vetted, capable creators to leverage social proof in ads to your advantage. We test… and test… and test until we find the winners that resonate with your customer avatars.

Effective & Honest Reporting

Our team relies on streamlined and easy-to-navigate reports that we send up to twice per week to ensure all of our clients are up-to-date on our marketing implementations, our team’s perspective on these implementations, and our outlook for the near future.

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Elevate your digital game.

Unleash Your Growth Potential Through Powerful Advertising Solutions

We're your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic world of online advertising. We'll revamp your Facebook Ads and kickstart your growth with TikTok campaigns. As an advertising agency committed to growth, we prioritize smart marketing strategies over quick fixes. Our approach is simple: we dive deep into understanding what resonates with your target audience. No shortcuts, just a keen focus on connecting with your ideal customers.

Tiktok Ads

Your source of low cost, high quality, highly converting traffic. Take advantage of dirt cheap CPA’s, greater engagement, & larger audience sizes through our proven strategies on the most viral marketing platform on the internet.

Email Marketing

A powerful means to connect with your audience, drive traffic, and foster customer relationships. Its targeted approach, cost-effectiveness, and automation capabilities ensure your customer retention is sky high and retargeting opportunities are maximized.

Content Creation

We’ll pair you with our experienced & verified UGC creators who resemble your target audience, show you how to build a content creation machine that never stops churning, and give you our proven framework for unlimited iterations of winning ads.

Meta Ads

We craft data-driven campaigns that amplify brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads across the Meta ecosystem


Optimize your website's performance and maximize conversions through data-driven strategies and continuous testing.

Google Ads

Reach your target customers effectively and drive results with customized Google Ads campaigns managed by professionals.



Owner / Manager
South Bank, Brisbane

“We employed Symbiosis Digital to primarily help bring in new customers to our Dessert Bar & Cafe in Southbank – and also to gain awareness on our Social Media & Website to locals in the CBD area. We were pleasantly surprised with the abundance of new customers we acquired from their Ad campaigns, and also the team’s communication, reporting and commitment to our brand.”


Managing Director
Comet Automotive

“As a business with a longstanding history spanning 30 years, we need a modern approach to our marketing efforts. Bijaan’s expertise and vision have been invaluable in guiding us through this transformation. His ability to blend traditional principles with cutting-edge digital strategies has delivered results that have positively impacted our business.”


Managing Director
Aus Pro Cleaners

“Bijaan and the Symbiosis Agency team exceeded my expectations with their Facebook ad management. Starting with just $50 a day, they consistently brought in 10 clients monthly over a year. Their strategic approach, tailored solutions, and transparent communication make them a top choice for anyone seeking exceptional digital marketing results. Highly recommended.”

Results-Driven Excellence

At Symbiosis Marketing, we prioritize results above all else. Our focus is on delivering hardcore conversions and generating quality leads for your company. We strive not for size, but for excellence, ensuring that your business achieves its maximum potential.

What we need from you:

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Crafting experiences, delivering success.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is unparalleled. From the first brainstorming session to the final product delivery, we ensure that every step of the process is executed to perfection. You are not just getting a service; you are getting a partner who is committed to your growth and success.

The key is in our name “Symbiosis”. We treat businesses as though they are living, breathing organisms – with as much care and attention to detail as we can so we can both thrive in a mutually beneficial, or “Symbiotic” relationship. After all is said and done, without a successful client, we cannot claim ourselves to be a successful team.
Our discovery call is specifically designed so we can honestly and dearly identify whether we’re the right fit, whether our services are a match for your business, & whether or not we can really bring you results.

We specialize in one service and one service only Digital Marketing. We’re not here to merely dip our feet, we’re here to deep dive into your business’ marketing with full attention and energy on Digital Marketing. You wouldn’t trust your General Practitioner at your local shops to perform surgery, just like you shouldn’t trust an agency that offer every possible service under the sun – you’re looking for a specialist.

We can’t make any promises regarding how quick you will see results, as it really does depend on a multitude of factors.
What we can promise is that as soon as you sign the dotted line, the work begins! Our onboarding process should take no longer than 3-4 days.
Beyond that, you will see our implementations no later than the second week of collaboration after we have everything we need from the onboarding.

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